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Healthy raw food products


Sin-free Cookies

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Often we call our products “sin-free”. We are used to this term because for us, it means a clean and honest approach to nature and your own health. For example, The Beginnings cookies only contain ingredients from nature, there is nothing chemical or synthetic. Dried and fresh berries (fresh black currants, dried inca and goji berries, bilberries and cranberries), the valuable flax and pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts and crunchy coconut flakes, but no gluten, sugar or preservatives. Furthermore, the biscuits are made with methods that are important to us: they are handmade, dry at a low temperature (up to 45°C) and the whole process takes 14 hours.




They say that making macaroons is a great culinary challenge. We rise to  this challenge – to conjure up the charm of macaroons, however, by using only natural products. Three excellent berries from all over the world, - fresh black currants, dried goji and inca berries, cocoa beans and chocolate that melts in your mouth. No gluten, sugar or preservatives. Handmade, a long preparation time and moderate heat.


Sin-free chips


We want to prove to you that it’s possible to turn absolutely anything into stylish crispiness, even cabbage leaves! Our chips are made from the best and most nutritious vegetables, rich in energy, some grown right here in Latvian soil. Our beetroot, cabbage and peppers dipped in tasty exotic sauces will liven up any break or interval you may have!


Pesto sauces & nut butter


Each of our products contain the essence of The Beginnings. It is hidden even here, in these colourful jars. A clean, clear choice of flavours and products. Rich ingredients – fats, vitamins, minerals – and no preservatives, lactose, gluten, colouring or cooking.

The unique colours, aromas and flavours of our pestos and butters come from nature itself – what could possibly be simpler?


Sin-free Muesli


Pure and honest power grows in various places around the world – we take it and use it in our products so that it can continue to live and enrich your power and energy. Untoasted, living organic Latvian buckwheat, cranberries and honey. Amaranth seeds from India, chia seeds from Mexico and quinoa seeds from faraway Bolivia. Mulberries from Turkey, the much admired goji and inca berries, enhanced by natural chocolate. We search for, find and mix together the most nutritious ingredients from all over the world to make The Beginnings muesli.  

Every The Beginnings muesli is the result of hard work: it's made by hand and all the vitamins, micro-elements and minerals in each ingredient are carefully retained.    

We achieve this by using a carefully thought-out method of production:



The base of the muesli is organic buckwheat. Firstly it is soaked for many hours, and then dried at a temperature that doesn’t exceed 45°C.


Next, depending on the type of muesli, dried fruit and berries, nuts, seeds, honey and blended fresh fruit is added to the prepared buckwheat.


Finally, the entire mixture is dried again for 14 hours, being mixed and stirred from time to time. And so, closely scrutinised for 36 hours, your living buckwheat muesli is ready!


Vegetable Crispbread


The Beginnings crispbread is nutritious and filling. This is due to the pristine forces of nature that we try hard to retain. We make our crispbread from fresh and tasty seeds and vegetables. It doesn’t include gluten, yeast or malt, let alone preservatives or flavour enhancers.  In order for the living energy in the crispbread to remain intact and not lose its potency, the preparation time is 14 hours, drying them at a moderate temperature that doesn’t exceed 45°C




Find out about and use our line of superfood products. They can be used for general health and well-being, to strengthen your immune system and before and after sporting activities.

All of our beautifully packaged products – berries, seeds, powders have a high degree of national value. We have sourced them from all over the world and brought them to you – goji berries from China, chia seeds from Mexico,mulberries from Turkey, inca berries from Ecuador, as well as spirulina, chlorella algae, wheat grass, and more and more . . . .